Resident Evil 2: How to find and complete the Sewers Chess Puzzle

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    It is a unique storyline that has been inspired by the author.

    Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 2 Players This is a lot of fun and easy to use.

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    Chess Plug-In

    Moreover, the solution for this puzzle varies with the character that you are playing with, which makes it much more complicated for players. In order to pass through the monitor door in this remake, players require collecting the three missing chess pieces from different locations and placing all the pieces in the right order on the wall. Knight Bishop and Pawn are already present on the wall, and three missing chess pieces, King, Queen, and the Rock are required to be placed.

    As a player successfully collects all three plugs, he can then access the monitor room and continue with the campaign. But to find these missing items, players have to solve additional puzzles and then only they can receive the missing chess plugs.

    To locate the King and Queen pieces, players will be required going towards the Supplies Storage Room situated at the Sewers lower area where a T-Bar Valve Handle is present near the treatment plant.

    Gamers will have to use the T-Bar valve to get across the floodgates and then making their route through the Bottom Waterway reaching the Supplies Store Room.

    Just a few steps ahead, players will be able to spot the Queen piece on the left side door of the Supplies Store Room.

    Now players will be required to place this piece into the right-hand side door, which would allow players to get across the locked door and reach to the staircase.

    As gamers would climb up the staircase, they can immediately spot the kings piece. It would be necessary for the door to go.

    It will be up to you to make sure that the players are on the outside of the door.

    If you exit the workroom, you must be at the nearest door. For the Monitor room. Players will be required to assemble the doors.

    The king and the pawns of the queen will be placed in the bottom.

    But if you are going through your second campaign, then you would change the order.

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    • Эта тема была изменена 6 месяца, 1 неделя назад от  Luciamandela.
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